• Visibility Issues: The use of these stickers may obstruct your view or the view of others. We are not responsible for any visibility impairments that may occur.
  • Legal Compliance: If you are pulled over or receive a ticket for using these stickers on public roads, you assume all responsibility. Ensure you comply with local laws and regulations regarding vehicle modifications.
  • Accidents and Damages: We are not liable for any accidents, collisions, or damages that result from the use of our products. This includes, but is not limited to, vehicle crashes, property damage, or personal injuries.
  • Injury or Harm: In the event of any injury or harm to yourself or others resulting from the use of these stickers, you accept full responsibility. We are not accountable for any medical expenses, legal fees, or other costs associated with such incidents.

By using our products, you agree to this disclaimer and release us from any and all liability related to the use of these stickers on your vehicle.